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Relevant Statistics

Some facts and statistics which make stark reading and give us a sense of the extent of the changes that are needed:

• Six parishes in the diocese (Killaloe) currently have no resident priest;

• An additional 12 parishes would have no priest if it wasn’t for the generosity of service of many working beyond the age of 75;

• In our diocese, we have 137 churches in 58 parishes;

• There are 192 celebrations of Mass in our Diocese every weekend.

Our churches are a testament to the faith of the people who built and maintained them. Most were built at a time when means of transport were not as it is today and the legacy of that is a huge number of churches which are used to a level of service that is no longer sustainable”

- An extract from the first Pastoral Letter of Bishop Fintan Monahan, Bishop of Killaloe. A pragmatic assessment of dramatic change taking place and ‘coming down the line’. Please take a copy to read.