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Accord 2018

A programme of courses for couples preparing for marriage, organised by Accord, the Catholic Marriage Advisory Service, will be held in the Diocese of Killaloe during 2018. The courses are held at week-ends and each couple should book their place well in advance, for one of the (two-day) modules. Places limited. The venue for the courses is the Parish Centre, Station Road, Ennis. The Schedule of programme dates is as follows:

Course Number Friday, 7.30pm – 9.30pm Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

1.   19th January 20th January

2.   9th February 10th February

3.   23rd February 24th February

4.   9th March 10th March

5.   23rd March 24th March

6.   20th April 21st April

7.   11th May 12th May

8.  8th June 9th June

9.  14TH September 15th September

10. 12th October 13th October

11. 9TH November 10th November

12. 7TH December 8th December