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Home is the Hero

Home is the Hero: In this segment alone he traveled by motorcycle from the frozen wastes of the Arctic, where he encountered temperatures as low as minus 40C, down through Canada, the US and Central America, in the tropics, where it could be as high as plus 40C. This is all part of the global adventure of Declan McEvoy, who survived various ordeals and challenges to arrive safely back in Quin, arriving last weekend (12th August). He thus completes the third phase of a daring ambition to circumnavigate the globe. Over the past ten weeks he was confronted with various challenges and dangers, though none as serious as crossing last week through the country of Nicaragua, currently experiencing serious civil unrest and revolt. Declan hopes to resume his great adventure in May next year – at Costa Rica, where he left off this time. It’ is only a short distance from the famous Panama Canal where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Pacific. Welcome home, Declan & congratulations