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Holy Week and Easter Message

Holy Week & Easter message Dear Parishioners, As we journey yet again with another Holy week and Easter season with restrictions, we journey this year as a people with great hope. With thanks to doctors, Scientists and Researchers there are now vaccines available for the virus, but we have to wait patiently to receive it. In the meantime we continue to care and pray for one another during these anxious days of waiting. As we walk through Holy week with the ceremonies we think and pray for all who have been affected by the Corona Virus. We think of family members and friends who are in our hospitals, and nursing home, the lonely and isolated. We continue to pray for those who mourn the loss of a loved one and can’t receive the support of the community that is always there when a loved one dies. We continue to show solidarity with our front line workers who continue to work tirelessly through this pandemic providing for all our needs. Holy week invites us to stop and reflect on the love God has for us in letting His Son die for our sins and the promise of new life. We enter Holy week with the Hosannas! Of palm Sunday, the institution of the Holy Eucharist on Holy Thursday which sustains us, to the great pain and suffering of Calvary on Good Friday. This journey brings us forward to Easter Morning with a renewed and reawakened joy and hope that the Risen Christ brings to a broken world. Peace is synonymous with the Easter joy because Christ assured us of his peace in the upper room. Our World today is searching for peace-the same kind of peace that Christ wished for us. Freedom from violence, darkness, stress and heavy burdens. Let us not walk like the disciples on the road to Emmaus but see God in our present lived situation. The promise of Jesus on Easter Day is that light overcomes the darkness and He is with us on every step of life’s journey to be our Hope, our strength and our way. Mary Maryour Mother, who prayed silently on the way to Calvary continue to intercede for us and lead us to the Risen Lord.