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Summary points of Easter Letter from Bishop Fintan – Let Hope Shape Our Future

· Covid-19 has radically changed our lives and Church.

· Familiar faith practices have been greatly disrupted.

· We look forward to returning to a more acceptable form of normal.

· Our Church is in a time of profound change.

· The Church to which we shall return will be very different.

· What sort of Church do you want that to be?

· How will that Church be resourced?

· Do you want to be part of shaping that new reality?

· I invite you to join me in the Diocese of Killaloe on that new journey.

· As Easter people we are people of joy and this gives us hope to live and share that joy with future generations. Link to the full letter is on https://www.killaloediocese.ie/easter-letter-let-hope-shape-our-future/