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Scripture Thoughts

Today, we see Jesus appearing to the apostles. They are frightened and terrified. Jesus says:

“Peace be with you.” Jesus always brings us peace and will calm our beings if we allow ourselves

the time and space to be with Him. Jesus shows the apostles that His death was a necessity for

the repentance of sin. In the Acts of the Apostles, we see a different Peter who has been healed

and forgiven. Peter proclaims the great deeds of God. He tells the people that the power that he

and John had to heal the paralysed man came through Jesus. He proclaims the same teaching of


Are you concerned about anything? Are you harried? Is life going too fast for you? Taketime today to be with Jesus. Ask Jesus for the peace that He proclaimed to the apostles. Be quiet for a few minutes to allow the Spirit of Christ to touch you and bring you peace.