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St. Stephen’s Church Maghera

As we have informed you over the past several weeks, works on the roof of St. Stephen’s Church, Maghera are now completed. The cost to repair the roof came in at €47,159.25. This price came in at approximately €3,000 less than the original quote. During the year, two bequests were left to the Parish, one at €19,084.45 and the other at €1,811.24. Both of these bequests went towards the cost of repairing the roof. The Parish applied to the Heritage Grant and Historic Structures Fund and a grant was given for €10,000 towards the cost of the roof repairs. This left the Parish with a shortfall of €16,263.56 to pay. To date €8,640.00 has been donated by the people of the Parish towards this shortfall. We thank the many people who have made one off donations towards this shortfall and your support is greatly appreciated for this project. This week we would like to thank and acknowledge the donations of €30 & €100