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Season of Creation

From 1st September to the 4th October , the feast of St Francis, we observe the Season of Creation in which we are called to pray for the Care of Creation. We unite in prayer and action to protect and preserve our beautiful planet. While prayer is a powerful and essential aspect of our devotion, it must also inspire us to take tangible steps towards positive change and environmental stewardship. We come together, not only in gratitude for the wonders of creation but also in a spirit of responsibility . It is not enough to simply pray for a better world, we must actively work to create it. Each of us has a role to play, and together, our collective efforts can make a significant impact. We must be mindful of our daily actions and their impact on the environment. Small changes in our lifestyles, like reducing waste, conserving energy, and supporting sustainable practices, can collectively make a significant difference for the health of our planet. As we pray for God’s creation, let our prayers be a catalyst for action. Let us advocate for policies that protect the environment, support renewable energy sources, and promote conservation efforts. Together, we can ensure a brighter greener future for generations to come. During this season of Creation, we commit to being not only prayerful stewards of creation but also active guardians of our planet. May our prayers fuel our determination to make lasting positive changes for the wellbeing of the Earth and all its inhabitants.