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Fitline Participant Recruitment

FitLine is our volunteer telephone line designed to help older people who want to feel a bit healthier, but perhaps don’t have the motivation, confidence or information on where or how to take that first step. The service is completely free. We’re encouraging people to free phone 1800 303 545 and learn more. After you’ve made the first call, a

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Scripture Thoughts

John tells us about the Good Shepherd. One of the qualities of this Good Shepherd is that unlike those who are paid, he is willing to go beyond the call of duty. Jesus is willing to go after even one lost sheep regardless of how many others there are in the flock. Finally, He will lay down his life freely

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Tidy Towns

Well done to you all who have cleaned up after your dog on the streets of our lovely village. Therecently displayed art work on that very theme must have encouraged you and again thanks to the local shop, cafe, chemist and post office for displaying the childrens’ posters. New picnic benches have been put in place on the Tulla Road

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