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Scripture Thoughts

Through both the first reading and the Gospel we are reminded that God’s Spirit is a free gift. Those who question Moses and those who question Jesus about prophesying or curing soon come to see that neither Moses nor Jesus is concerned about this. Why? Because it is clear to them that God’s Spirit is a gift and comes to whomever wants it. What this calls forth from us is a spirit of respect for all whom God has gifted. And all of creation is gifted in some way or other by God. We need to recognise that fact and give thanks to God for each person and his/her giftedness. We likewise are called to show gratitude for the gifts that we have received. We give honour and glory to God by so doing. The Gospel also calls us to use our gifts for the good of others. We should be wary of not doing so or causing others scandal by the misuse of our gifts. Today look around and observe how others use their gifts and talents. Find a way to compliment them. Be grateful for your own gifts and talents. Thank God for all the ways in which God blesses our world through you and through all the other people

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Covid-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols: We ask all parishioners attending Mass, and other Church ceremonies that the wearing of masks and sanitising of hands is mandatory. Please exit the Church by designated exits. We are also permitted to have 50% of Church capacity. We thank everyone for your co-operation and to the teams of stewards who assist you.

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First Friday

First Friday: Friday next Oct. 1st is the First Friday of the month. A Priest from the Pastoral Area will visit the sick and housebound during the week. If you would like your name added to the list to receive the Sacraments please ring the Parish Office at 6825612.

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