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Scripture Thought

We hear the word “repent” in both Jonah and Mark. The word repent comes from the Greek word metaneo (which means “to know after”) or to change one’s mind. Thus when the Nenevites heard Jonah they changed their mind and actions and asked forgiveness for their sins. When Jesus asks the people to repent, He also asks them to believe

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Community Energy Survey Launched

With funding from SEAI, Clooney Spancilhill Community Development Group have engaged Tipperary Energy Agency to carry out a Community Energy Plan. This plan will give an overall picture of energy use in the area and will assist our community to become more energy efficient and self-sufficient, save money, and create employment. Our Community Energy Plan will involve: A Community Energy

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Contribution Boxes for 2021

Will be distributed by the end of the month. Thank you to all who contributed during the year of 2020. Your generosity during these difficult times is much appreciated. Parishioners who received boxes numbered 551-600 will receive a different number for this year as we are recycling dormant numbers. Any Parishioner who is not in receipt of contribution boxes and

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Catholic Schools Week

Is celebrated this year from 24th Jan-31st Jan. The theme for this year’s Catholic Schools Week is: Communities of Faith and Resilience. Each day there is a different theme for students and teachers to reflect on. As we live through an unprecedented time of challenge and uncertainty, our faith and our resilience can be tested. We ask questions like ‘Will

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Sunday of the Word of God

At the end of the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis proposed setting aside a Sunday given entirely to the Word of God. He declared that the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time which this year will be celebrated next Sunday 24 January 2021. This Sunday is to be devoted to the celebration, study, dissemination of the Word of God. He notes

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This year from the 18th-25th of January, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is held. The theme for this year is ‘Abide in My Love…You Shall bear much Fruit’. This theme was discerned by the Monastic Community of Grandchamp in Switzerland and finds its origin in the Gospel of John(Jn15:5-9). In choosing this theme, the Community of Grand-champ desired

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Ordinary Time

From Monday, 11th January, we enter a period in the Church calendar known as Ordinary Time.

Besides the times of year that have their own distinctive character, there remain in the yearly cycle

thirty-three or thirty-four weeks in which no particular aspect of the mystery of Christ is celebrated,

but rather the mystery of Christ is honoured in its fullness,