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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Service-Quin The South Clare Meals on Wheels Service supply and deliver over 60 meals per day Monday to Friday in the South Clare region and are currently delivering in the Quin area. This service is available to anyone who is not in a position to cook for themselves. These meals are cooked fresh every day at Cafe Fergus and are prepared to a very high standard. The cost of each meal is €5. Each meal consists of your daily hot dinner as well as either a soup or a dessert. If you would like to avail of this service you can contact Eimear by phone on (061) 368030.

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Incredible Journey

Incredible Journey: In the Current Third phase of his crusade to circumnavigate the globe– on his motorcycle—Declan McEvoy (of Quin) began in early June from Tuktoyaktuk inside the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Proceeded down though Canada to USA and is now travelling through Central America, beginning with Mexico, then Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, And on to destination, Panama, a total distance of some 20,000km (12,500 Miles). He hopes to resume his incredible journey from Panama in phase 4 next year. If you wish to send greeting, his email

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Walk While You Can Welcome BBQ

In March 2018 Fr Tony was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. For a man with untold energy levels as well as a contagious zest for life, this news came as a bolt of lightning. Tony found himself part of a vastly under-resourced medical world of lengthy waiting lists and over-burdened medics.

Never one to be struck down by adversity, Tony came to the decision to walk the length of Ireland in order to raise funds and to help highlight the need for further funding in this area.

Fr Tony and company arrive in Crusheen on Tuesday 24th at approx 5pm.  They continue their walk the following day towards Cork.  Please show your support by welcoming Fr Tony & Co on the day to Crusheen and making a contribution (no matter how small) to this very worthy cause.

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Graveyard Mass in Clooney

A very large crowd turned out in the glorious sunshine to celebrate Mass in Clooney Graveyard.  It is hoped to make this an annual event.  Many thanks to Fr Tom and all those involved in the organising of this special Mass to remember our dearly departed.