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Hello & Farewell

Everyone invited to a special social event in Quin Community Centre on Sunday next, 22nd October, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, organised by the Parish Council and the Pastoral Council, to formally express an affectionate farewell to Fr. Iggy (McCormack) and a warm welcome to Fr. Tom (O’Gorman).


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Enrolments for Sacraments in 2018

First Holy Communion


Date                                        Students Venue                                        Time

Sat. 14th October 2017        Clooney N.S. Clooney Church.                      7.00 pm

Sun. 15th October 2017       Quin/Dangan N.S. Quin Church.                  11.00 am



Sat. 21st October 2017        Clooney N.S. Clooney Church.                      7.00 pm

Sun. 22nd October 2017      Quin/Dangan N.S. Quin Church                   11.00 am


Families of candidates invited to attend



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Safeguarding Seminar

Safeguarding: A Child Safeguarding Seminar will be held at Crusheen Parish Centre on 18th October for people in parishes of the Diocese who come regularly into contact with children through Play & Pray, Altar Servers, Choral groups, etc. It is intended particularly for people who have not obtained training in past 3 years. More next week

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Parish Sacramental Events – 2018

March 10, 2018 Confirmation: Quin/Dangan NS & Clooney NS Quin Church

March 21, 2018 First Confession – Quin/Dangan & Clooney NS Quin Church 7pm

May 19, 2018 First Holy Communion – Clooney NS. Clooney Church

May 26, 2018 First Holy Communion – Quin/Dangan NS Quin Church

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Back To School Blessing

Back to School Blessing
For all the children returning to school:
Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit as their guide and protector. Keep them free from danger and harm. Put our sons and daughters in the right place, at the right time, to receive your grace. Let them learn and grow strong. May the presence of your Spirit fill their hearts.
Help us to mature as parents and care-givers. Bless every family, O Lord.
We entrust our children to you, dear Lord, since from the beginning they are yours to keep. We ask this in the name of the greatest son of all, Jesus Christ. AMEN.
(per Fr. Tom O’Gorman).

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I first came to Quin in July 2013, to be an Assistant Pastor (AP) to the late Fr. Michael Collins, P.P.  He introduced me to the parish and to many of its parishioners.  Sadly, Fr. Collins was to pass away a year and a half later (19th February 2015) and his death occasioned a great outpouring of sadness throughout